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Important Things To Know Before Buying The Ink For Your Printer

Now refill ink, whether in the form of an injection into a cartridge or refill for an IV tube, is already very much on the market. Tens or hundreds of brands that we can find. There is ink from China, America, Mexico, Korea, and from anywhere. When going to the market, you will find many options of the brand so make sure that you will be careful in selecting the best quality product. Of the many brands, how to choose the one that suits your needs and not damage your printer and printouts? Why do you choose ink cartridges?

Did you know? Each Printer brand like Canon, Epson, HP, and Brother have different levels of ink thickness. So, never mix your ink or use ink for Epson printers, for example in your Canon printer. So, there are special inks for each of the printer brands on the market now. Please note that some ink manufacturers have a measure of their ink thickness, and if there is a dose error, it can be easier to damage the printer (cartridge/print head).

Now it is just a matter of determining your destination for printing, is it for ordinary purposes such as documents, plans, or the purpose of photo printing, the purpose of printing in very large quantities? This is relative to the selection of ink you use. General ink is good enough for all the above needs. However, with branded/premium inks, of course, there are differences in the quality of the results, in the colors that are caused and the durability of the prints of the ink.

One more thing that is not less important to note is that sometimes the ink is not durable. This can happen because the color measurements that do not fit the standard Brother print head and cause damage to the print head from clogging the ink in certain colors.